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The San Carlos Computer Club

streaming live from Tequila's
Tuesday mornings 9:15 -10:15
Also, try the player on the club page at:

[Mar 24] March 24 Clubcast is Now Available: 20th meeting: The Pirate Upgrade Option, The P2P Updates System, and The Samsung Deal for Device Defaults

[Mar 19] March 17 Clubcast is Now Available: 19th meeting: Eighth Meeting of 2015. Voltage Regulators, Surge Protectors, Powerline Network Extenders, MacBook and USB-C, and lots more

[Mar 9] March 3 Clubcast is Now Available: 17th Meeting: Sixth Meeting of 2015. Our New Sound

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More VirtualBox with Windows 10 Tech Preview: An update to VirtualBox has been released

Setting Up Windows 10 Tech Preview on OSX 10.9.5 VirtualBox Host


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