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Sorry I wont be there today

March 13th, 2018 by

I am out sick, but I plan on returning next week. Until then, #TechOn!


Don’t Forget – The San Carlos Computer Club will Meet Tomorrow at Tequilas Starting at 9:15am.

November 20th, 2017 by

Hi Clubbers,

this is just a quick note to remind people of a few things:

  • We have a club meeting tomorrow at Tequilas starting at 9:15am. (come early for breakfast)
  • Our Internet rocks, so (if you cannot be there, then) streaming is available.
  • We have a chat-room so you can be part of the discussion.
  • Please bring topics and questions.

I look forward to seeing you guys at Tequilas .



Hey, Today the Internet may work! Tune-in at 9:15am and Check our Live Audio and/or Youtube Streams.

October 24th, 2017 by

Hi Clubbers,

Those of us who have followed our club’s progress are aware of the kinds of problems that has plagued our friendly meeting. Throughout the last 10 years we have suffered from equipment failures and Internet issues. These problems come hand-and-hand with interesting people and fun topics. Today, hopefully, some of these problems will be resolved. Today (at least) our connections may be stable. Between Tequila’s and my office, then should be ready to go.

Tequila Upgrade:
When I left Tequila’s last week they were in the process of improving their infrastructure (i.e., running cables across the restaurant to offer better wifi coverage.) I’ll arrive early this morning and check what is available. Hopefully, we’re good to go, but if not, then I’ll have sometime in the morning to address any simple issues. With a little luck this maybe the club meeting that streams without a hitch. Regardless, by next week the WiFi should not be a problem. Bring on the other problems!

Audio Stream last week fell Apart:
So during our meeting last week I watched the audio stream go up and down a number of times before it fizzled out around 10am. I had been blaming the problems on current WiFi issues, however, it was odd that it died completely. The audio stream is rebroadcast-ed from my office, and when I returned I was surprised to find that, while, in our meeting,  I had been bragging about my current internet connection, that same Internet connection had completely died. Funny, because of the circumstances I can pin point the exact time period that I lost internet. I immediately got on the phone (dial 050, or 01-800-123-2222) and reported the issue (it had really looked like someone had turned it off.) Only two days later (after having to track down a tech ourselves) the internet was back and better then ever. Hopefully, this is the end of the problem. Everything’s been working great since.

So, if you can’t make it to our meeting physically, please tried to make it virtually! Check-out the audio stream, and/or the Youtube Stream and give me some feed back.

Thanks for all the interest!




We’re Back! Again! Really! Honestly it’s the second meeting of our season!

October 10th, 2017 by

Hello Clubbers.

Today’s the day! The second meeting of this season.

Where was everybody last week,

We did do the first meeting of the San Carlos Computer Club last week, but it ended up being just Linda and myself. We didn’t have a live audio stream because of internet problems at my office, but I did stream it on Youtube and you can check it our at:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iXXwyIQOOg&feature=youtu.be&a (audio starts at 8m35s)

There were audio problems at the beginning. A special thanks to people in my office for letting us know and give us the chance to fix the problem. As a result the audio doesn’t start until around 8 minutes 35 seconds.

I do have a audio recording that I will add to our RSS feed so it can be found in iTunes, Google Play, or on this blog.

I hope everyone had an awesome summer, and I hope to see you guys at Tequila’s today at 9:15 for the San Carlos Computer Club.

We’re Back Baby!

Tech On!


Your Friendly neighborhood Computer Club Meets today at Tequila’s starting at 9:15

October 20th, 2015 by

Hi Clubbers,

it’s that day again. It’s been an interesting week. Some stuff we might talk about today may include:

  • Hacking Siri and Google Now voice controls without saying a word
  • Listening to your voice google search history
  • More Windows 10 info
  • More Microsoft Surface info
  • the CPU controversy at the heart of the iPhone 6s and 6s+

…and anything you would like to bring to our table.

Everyone is welcome to join us. People like to arrive early (around 8:30) and have breakfast before the meeting (Tequila’s has great food and nice people). Come for breakfast and stay for the meeting. Feed your stomach and your brain.

I’ll see you then.

Tech On!

Scott, headNerd at International Computer Solutions

Are You Being Bugged? ~Amnesty International and the EFF backs a Tool to Scan your PC for Surveillance Software

November 25th, 2014 by

Just because youre paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you” ― Joseph Heller, author Catch-22.

Hi Clubbers,

I just caught up with this news. A security researcher has developed a software (named “Detekt”) that detects know surveillance software that may have found it way on your computer. This software is being endorsed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Amnesty International, and other  international digital rights and human rights organizations. It has been made freely available for download from a GitHub repository you can find at this link:

Download Detekt from: https://github.com/botherder/detekt/releases/tag/v1.8.


I have already downloaded and tested this. It very easy to run. Just download, then click  (or double-click). No installation is needed it runs in place. Detekt can only find software it knows about, similar to an antivirus program, but in this case it’s looking for know software that state (and private) organizations use for listening to your computer’s microphone, and watch your computer’s webcam, grab copies of your email, as well as, your instant messenger conversations, and more. The software is only compatible with Windows XP – Windows7. I imagine soon we will see a Windows 8/8.1 version, as well as, a Macintosh version.

Follow the link bellow to read more in the Guardian’s article.

from the Guardian’s article…

“Detekt was developed by Germany-based security researcher Claudio Guarnieri after discussions with human rights activists. It will be launched on Thursday in partnership with Amnesty International, British charity Privacy International, German civil rights group Digitale Gesellschaft and US digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation.”…

via Amnesty backs Detekt tool to scan for state spyware on computers | World news | The Guardian.

Wow! How Secure is your Instant Messenger? Check out the EFF’s Scorecard for Instant Messenger| Electronic Frontier Foundation

November 7th, 2014 by

Hi Clubbers,

I had to share this!

Follow the link to see how your favorite Instant Messenger program score’s on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Secure Messaging Scorecard | Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Highlights: AOL Instant Messenger has one of the worst security scores, but it’s quick followed by Facebook, Google Hangouts/Chat, Skype,  WhatsApp, and SnapChat. I haven’t ever heard of the majority of the most secure instant messenger apps . I can’t make any recommendations, however maybe this is a good reason to explore a new instant messenger app.


The problem with instant messenger apps is that you use the app your friends and family, and clients use. Switching IM apps is much hard then you’d think. You really need a whole community to change or you’ll always be going back when you need to reach people that didn’t change.

Anyway,  it’s an interesting table. Check it out at: https://www.eff.org/secure-messaging-scorecard



An update to VirtualBox has been released, I’ve blogged the resinstall of VB, but this is good for the install as well

October 14th, 2014 by

I just finished a blog post on upgrading to the latest version of VirtualBox.  However, if you read between the lines, you have all the instructions you need to install VirtualBox for the first time.

More VirtualBox with Windows 10 Tech Preview: An update to VirtualBox has been released | Scott’s Blog.

I just finished This Post on: Setting Up Windows 10 Tech Preview on OSX 10.9.5 VirtualBox Host | Scott’s Blog

October 9th, 2014 by

Hi guys,

the Windows 10 Tech Preview has been made available to the public for trial use.  If you don’t have a spare computer, but want a taste of Windows 10, then I’ve just finished a blog post covering my experience installing Windows 10 in a VirtualBox virtual machine hosted by a Macintosh running OSX 10.9.5.


The skill level is basic to intermediate. I included images and explanations. Give it shot.

Setting Up Windows 10 Tech Preview on OSX 10.9.5 VirtualBox Host | Scott’s Blog.

Check it out if you feel like giving Windows 10 a try.



Last Day to grab Free Disney games for Windows Phone and Windows 8

June 22nd, 2014 by

I just saw this. A game give away from Disney for 13 days, but this maybe the last day. I just checked a couple games and they are still for free.

If you’ve got Windows 8 or a windows phone, these games normally cost $5-$9 per game, but right now they’re free.

Grab a bunch of Disney games for free for Windows Phone and Windows 8 | Windows Phone Central.