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Come join the conversation.

Tuesdays 9:15-10:15am. Join the chat-room and start the live stream, then you can ask questions while you listen. A chat-room is a place where people gather in real-time to have conversations. You guys are welcome to use this space whenever you want.

Create your own nickname, and click the [Connect] button. You will see who’s  online in the column on the right. If you want to use your own irc chat client (e.g., netTalk) then use: channel #sccClub.org, and irc server: irc.chat4all.org.

Listen to Live Stream (Tuesday 9:15-10:15am) 

2 Responses to “Chat-Room”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi is this how I join the chat room? Cheryl

    • Scott says:

      nope, but it is how you can interact with our blog! *smile*

      The chat-room is in a box on the page, and should be prompting you for a nickname, channel, and has a ‘connect’ button. Type in a nickname and click the ‘connect’ button. This will put you in the chat-room.


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