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November 18 Clubcast now Available: Seventh meeting: Showed off the latest Arduino project, Some Home automation topics, VPNs again and ALWAYS, and lots of other stuff

November 18th, 2014 by

Hi Clubbers,

Took me a little longer then normal to get this one out. The meeting was good fun. I am always surprised by what great discussions we can have without having any kind of plan or agenda for the meeting.

Again, thanks for the patience with my Arduino obsession. I think enough people are interested that I will continue to bring in new projects for show and tell. We won’t be using a lot of time on Arduino, but I will keep you up to date on my progress, and we will continue discussing home automation/Smart home concepts in our meetings.


Please come to our website sccClub.org and give use comments/feedback.

You can find us in the iTunes Store (search: The San Carlos Computer Club.)


See you guys on Tuesday.

Tech On!

Scott Stimson, headNerd-Guru at internationalcs.net

November 4 Clubcast is now available: Fifth meeting of the season: Everything Arduino! Scott’s got his new kit, plus much more.

November 4th, 2014 by


arduinoUnoHi clubbers,

We had a nice group of people that made a good meeting.  I appreciate everyone being so entertained by my new Arduino kit. I hope to build a project With Emily and Viviana this week. If we’re successful I will bring it to our  next meeting.

Special thanks to Don for filming the unboxing. I should have that video up sometime this week.

If you missed our meeting, and the live stream, then you can still hear a recording of what we did from the media player bellow. You can subscribe to our podcast through iTunes (just search of ‘The San Carlos Computer Club’.)

Looking forward to next Tuesday.

Tech On!