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November 25 Clubcast now Available: Eighth meeting: The Parinoia Podcast and unrelated imigration conversation

November 25th, 2014 by


We are still here. I am really sorry for the delay.I fell a little behind this week, but finally, here is our last meeting.

We were a small group, but we had a great discussion. It was a bit paranoid. The first half of our meeting was stories from the news: 1) Detekt – a scanner, endorsed by the EFF and Amnesty International that removes surveillance software from your computer. 2) DOJ Dirtyboxes, flying overhead, collecting your phone data. 3) A website that indexes everybody’s personal ‘unsecured’ webcams for the whole internet to find, use, record, etc. Wow, lots of privacy and security issues in the last meeting, but we still had time for a bit about immigration.

As always, you can listen to the link bellow, or subscribe (for free) to our podcast in the iTunes store (search for The San Carlos Computer Club),  and catch our live stream on Tuesday from 9:15-10:15am at http://sccClub.org.

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Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy it.
Until next Tuesday. Tech On!
Scott, nerdGuru at International Computer Solutions

Club Meeting! Tues, Feb 12 – Special Guest: Yuya Marquez de Stimson to Answer your FM3 and New Immigration Law Questions

February 9th, 2013 by

Yuya Marquez de Stimson joined us to answer questions about FM3s, FM2s, immigration status, and the new immigration laws. If you are confused about the new changes, then Yuya can help. Come get the latest information on how the new immigration laws effect you and your status. The meeting has been recorded and is provided as a podcast you can listen to bellow.