100 Questions & Answers About Your Child's Asthma (100 by Claudia S. (MD) & Feldman, B. Robert (MD) Plottel

By Claudia S. (MD) & Feldman, B. Robert (MD) Plottel

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Sensitivity to sulfite additives* Sulfite-sensitive asthmatics should avoid all sulfite-containing foods. ). *These factors are uncommon in children. They are included for completeness as they are important considerations in adult asthma. â•… 32 1 0 0 Q & A A b o u t y o u r C h i l d ’ s A s t h m a Frank’s comment: General Information An asthma trigger is essentially the finger that knocks down the first domino. From this one action a continuous pattern of reactions can very quickly get out of hand.

Allergens â•…Common examples include pets (cats, dogs, birds), foods (milk, eggs, peanut, tree nuts, shellfish), or aeroallergens (pollen from trees, grasses, weeds, mold spores) Cold Air Cigarette Smoke Exercise Infections: Viral or Bacterial â•… • Bronchitis/Chest colds â•… • Pneumonia â•… • Sinusitis â•… • “Common cold” Irritants Medications Stress Sulfites Correctly identifying your child’s specific triggers and then avoiding exposure to them, will allow better control of asthma symptoms. Another important treatment strategy involves increasing, or “stepping-up,” the dose of asthma medications before an anticipated, unavoidable exposure to a known trigger occurs.

Kerrin’s comment: It wasn’t difficult to figure out that every time my son got a cold, his asthma symptoms would flare. The doctor gave us our nebulizer the first time our son got a bad cold because he was wheezing. The second time he got a bad cold, he ended up in the hospital for breathing treatments every two hours and had to stay in an oxygen tent. Now whenever he starts to sneeze continually and we see his nose starting to run, we get the nebulizer out and start giving him preventative treatments to try to stave off the worst.

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