11.Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology by John G. Webster (Editor)

By John G. Webster (Editor)

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They also can improve the contrast of laser-drawn identification marks. The most common colorant is carbon black. Table 2 lists the properties of common fillers. Fused silica dominates EMCs, because it has the lowest TCE with adequate thermal conductivity, low cost, low density, and good electrical properties. It is produced from molten crystalline silica (sand) and comes in a large number of shapes, from crushed angular fragments to spheres and in many different particle size distributions. Larger particles have a lower surface-area-to-weight ratio and allow higher filler loading at the same relative viscosity.

4. C. S. Chang, Electrical design of signal lines for multilayer printed circuit boards. IBM J. Res. , 32 (5): 647–657, 1988. 5. com/ tmo/hpeeof. 6. T. , Darmstadt, January 1994. 7. , Pittsburgh, 1995. 8. W. J. R. Hoefer and P. So, The Electromagnetic Wave Simulator, New York: Wiley, 1991. 9. H. Hasegawa, M. Furukawa, and H. Yanai, Properties of microstrip line on SiSiO2 system, IEEE Trans. Microw. , MTT-19: 869–881, 1971. 10. K. Reiss and O. Palusinski, Procedure for direct calculation of characteristic admittance matrix of coupled transmission lines, IEEE Trans.

The by-pass capacitors should be placed as close as possible to the circuits undergoing transitions. However, due to space restrictions, which limit the capacitor sizes we have small on-chip capacitors, in proximity to the circuits, larger capacitors built into packages, and large, discrete capacitors on printed wire boards. Interconnection Technology, Models, and Model Parameters. The interconnections are formed by chip-substrate connections (bonding), package carrier lines, package-printed wire board connections, printed wire board (PWB) lines, vias, connectors, and system cables.

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