28 Days to a Better Body, A Food and Fitness Plan for Health by Janet Thomson

By Janet Thomson

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Watch out, too, for olivesthey are more than 90 percent fat! Although they are a very good source of quality fat, one or two should be sufficientif you have them all over your salad or pizza, you will definitely be getting more than you need in one meal. You'll often find a larger selection of desserts than with the Indian or Chinese restaurants and should be able to get a delicious fresh fruit salad. ) Fast-food restaurants are a disaster if you are trying to lose weight; therefore, they should be avoided.

Fat will not be broken down by any cream or potion; it is a fuel, and any excess has to be burned. The fat cell is constantly active, with fat going in and coming out all the time. If you maintain a balance between what you burn and what you consume, you won't get fatter. If the balance is tipped the wrong way, however, and you eat more than you burn, the fat cells will increase in size. ) Fat is either saturated (solid at room temperature) or unsaturated (liquid at room temperature). Most saturated fats are of animal origin (exceptions include palm and coconut oils) and contain high levels of cholesterol, which is another fatty substance present in animal fat.

True/false 14. Hydrogenated fats, found in margarine, contain trans fatty acids, which act in ways similar to saturated fats. true/false 15. Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in animal fat. true/false 16. The body can produce cholesterol whether or not you take it in through food. true/false 17. Carbohydrates should make up the largest portion of the diet. true/false 18. In order to burn fat, you must eat carbohydrates. true/false 19. Dietary fiber cannot be broken down by the body. true/false 20.

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