A Dictionary of Botanical Terms by John Stevens Henslow

By John Stevens Henslow

John Stevens Henslow (1796-1861) used to be a botanist and geologist. As instructor, mentor and buddy to Charles Darwin, it used to be his advent that secured for Darwin the submit of naturalist at the voyage of the Beagle. whereas Professor of Botany, Henslow proven the Cambridge college Botanic backyard as a source for instructing and examine. scholars have been inspired to envision plant specimens conscientiously, and to list the features in their constructions. Henslow might have identified how daunting they discovered the duty of changing into knowledgeable with botanical vocabulary, and produced this quantity to supply a safe starting place for medical investigations. This meticulous word list, initially released as a unmarried quantity in 1857 yet drawing on contributions he made previous to problems with The Botanist and Maund's Botanic backyard, is a testomony to Henslow's scholarship. it's liberally illustrated with pleasant woodcuts that make clear the which means of chosen phrases.

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CORNU'TUS, synonyme for CORNICULA'TUS. COROL'LA, (COROLLA a little crown) the floral whorl next in succession within the calyx. It is composed of subordinate parts termed petals, which are either free, or more or less united together into a tube, in which case the corolla is termed monopetalous. It is generally more highly coloured than the calyx, but in many plants it is entirely wanting, and then the calyx frequently assumes the more usual aspect of the corolla. COROLLA'CEUS, petaloid. COROLLA''RIS, formed of, or belonging to the corolla.

CIN 37 (from the genus Chloranthus) a small natural order of Dicotyledones. CHLORAN'THIA, (%Xwp6c green, SLVQOQ a flower) a monstrous development of the floral organs, where they become more or less green, and partially assume the character of leaves. reen CHLOROPHYL'LA, (X^WP°G g 9 poc green,

CINCHONA'CEJE, (from the genus Cinchona) the Coffee Tribe. A natural order of Dicotyledones; otherwise considered a tribe of the more extensive order Rubiaceae. CINE'REOUS, (CINERE'US, ash-colour) the intermediate tint CHLORANTHA'CE^:, CLORAN'THEJE, 16 38 CLA between pure white and black. CINERACEUS implies it to be a little paler, and CINERASCENS, very pale, bordering on white. CIN'GULUM, (a girdle) the neck of a plant. CINNABAR^NUS, (CINNA'BARIS, vermillion) scarlet slightly tinged with yellow.

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