A Duty to the Dead (Bess Crawford Mystery, Book 1) by Charles Todd

By Charles Todd

From the brilliantly inventive big apple instances bestselling writer Charles Todd comes an unforgettable new personality in a great new series

England, 1916. Independent-minded Bess Crawford's upbringing is much various from that of the standard upper-middle-class British gentlewoman. turning out to be up in India, she realized the significance of accountability, honor, and accountability from her offi­cer father. on the outbreak of global warfare I, she in his footsteps and volunteered for the nursing corps, serving from the battlefields of France to the doomed clinic send Britannic.

On one voyage, Bess grows keen on the younger, gravely wounded Lieutenant Arthur Graham. whatever rests seriously on his sense of right and wrong, and to provide him a bit peace as he dies, she offers to convey a message to his brother. it truly is a few months prior to she will be able to perform this accountability, and whilst she's subsequent in England, she herself is convalescing from a wound.

whilst Bess arrives on the Graham condominium in Kent, Jonathan Graham listens to his brother's final needs with unbelievable indifference. Neither his mom nor his brother Timothy turns out to imagine it has any value. Unsettled by means of this, Bess is set to take her go away whilst unexpected tragedy envelops her. She fast discovers that pleasurable this responsibility to the useless has thrust her right into a maelstrom of intrigue and homicide that would endanger her personal existence and try out her braveness as now not even warfare has.

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