A History of the Council of Trent (Vol I): The Struggle for by Hubert Jedin

By Hubert Jedin

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Amen. ” Do ye indeed remember the charge, which we lately made you, entreating you to hearken unto all the things that are said with all silence, and mystical quietness? For we are today to set foot within the holy vestibule, wherefore I have also put you in mind of the charge. Since, if the Jews, when they were to approach “a mountain that burned, and fire, and blackness, and darkness, and tempest;” — or rather when they were not so much as to approach, but both to see and to hear these things from afar; — were commanded for three days before to abstain from their wives, and to wash their garments, and were in trembling and fear, both themselves and Moses with them; much more we, when we are to hearken to such words, and are not to stand far from a smoking mountain, but to enter into Heaven itself, ought to show forth a greater self-denial; not washing our garments, but wiping clean the robe of our soul, and ridding ourselves of all mixture with worldly things.

For if thou wouldest learn how great is the profit of the Scriptures, examine thyself, what thou becomest by hearing Psalms, and what by listening to a song of Satan; and how thou art disposed when staying in a Church, and how when sitting in a theater; and thou wilt see that great is the difference between this soul and that, although both be one. ” For this cause we have need continually of those songs, which serve as charms from the 57 Spirit. Yes, for this it is whereby we excel the irrational creatures, since with respect to all other things, we are even exceedingly inferior to them.

And yet the beginning seems to be plainer than the rest; to many perhaps even superfluous, as being a mere numbering of names. After this, another point again is worth inquiry; wherefore he hath omitted three kings. For if, because they were exceeding ungodly, he therefore passed by their names in silence, neither should he have mentioned the others, that were like them. And this again is another question; why, after having spoken of fourteen generations, he hath not in the third division maintained the number.

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