A Lively Game of Death (Hilary Quayle Mysteries, Book 1) by Marvin Kaye

By Marvin Kaye

The frantic fun-and-games surroundings of latest York's annual Toy reasonable is the ironic surroundings for this story of homicide and business intrigue.
Hilary Quayle is an enticing, younger public family advisor who has lengthy harbored the need to be a detective. it truly is with little urging, accordingly, that she turns into concerned with attempting to ferret out the economic secret agent who's ruining one in every of her most sensible consumers, Trim Tram Toys.
On the hole morning of the Toy reasonable, the layout for a brand new toy is stolen, and the initial research results in the invention of the physique of the top suspect. the answer to either crimes lies in reading the which means of the Scrabble tiles present in the lifeless man's hand. completely intrigued, Hilary resolves to unravel the crime and current the police with an excellent fait accompli. She is aided by means of her secretary, a guy as ingenious as she. the 2 have just a couple of hours during which to resolve the more and more advanced set of clues prior to the police needs to be called.
The plot twists and turns, first implicating one worker, then one other. At one aspect all symptoms element to Hilary herself. The removal of 2 extra suspects, a blackmail plot, and a newly merry widow mix to additional complicate concerns and make a full of life online game of loss of life a demanding puzzle for all video games gamers.

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