A Text Book Of Practical Botany 2 by Kumar Bendre

By Kumar Bendre

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Life at the Limits. Organisms in Extreme Environments

Frogs that freeze good, worms that dry out, and micro organism that live on temperatures over 100°C are all organisms that experience an severe biology, which contains many points in their body structure, ecology, and evolution. those organisms stay in doubtless very unlikely areas and show attention-grabbing habit.

DNA Methylation in Plants

A excessive measure of nuclear DNA (nDNA) methylation is a particular characteristic of plant genomes, they do include 5-methylcytosine (m5C) and N6-methyl adenine (m6A). greater than 30 in keeping with cent m5C is found in CNG sequences. particular alterations in DNA methylation accompany the full lifetime of a plant ranging from seed germination as much as the demise programmed or brought about by way of a number of brokers and elements of organic or abiotic nature.

Plant Nematode Interactions: A view on compatible interrelationships

Advances in Botanical learn publishes in-depth and updated experiences on a variety of themes in plant sciences. at the moment in its 73rd quantity, the sequence beneficial properties a number of experiences via well-known specialists on all points of plant genetics, biochemistry, mobilephone biology, molecular biology, body structure and ecology.

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Stngose; 1,. Sericeous. 5. Spiny. , Argemone. 6. Hairy. A surface covered with hairs. (a) Pubescent. Covered with soft, short, straight hairs. (b) Puberulous. Minutely pubescent (Fig. 19A). (c) Tomentose. Densely covered with long, soft, wool-like hairs (Fig. 19B). (d) Villous. Thickly covered with long, soft hairs (Fig. 19C). (e) Velutinous. Clothed with a velvety covering composed of erect, straight, moderately firm hairs. (Fig. 19 D). (f) Woory. Denesly covered with soft, long, curled hairs looking like wool (Fig.

Poppy (Fig. 16). 21. Deltoid. , Abutilon (Fig. 16). 22. Rhombate. Shaped like a rhombus (Fig. 16). [VII] Leaf Margins Alternative Terms Entire / Undulate / Crenate / Serrate / Serrulate/ Biserrate / DentateIDenticulate/ Incised/ Lacerate/ Laciniate / Lobed / Cleft / Parted / Pinatifid / Pectinate/ Palmate/ Palmatifid/ Pedate/ Crispate/ Ciliate/ Spinous. Meaning of Alternative Terms 1. Entire. , Madar, Mango, etc. (Fig. 17A). 2. Udulate or Sinuate. , Polyalthia (Fig 17 B) 24 J Practical Botany: Vol 2 o Fig.

Monothecous. , Phyllanthus,Ricinus, China Rose (Fig. 35). 38 Practical Botany,' Vol 2 J BASIFIXED ADNATE DORSIFIXED VERSATILE Fig, Attachment of filament to anther. [IX] Attachment of Filament to Anther AlternatIVe Terms Basified (innate)/ Adnate/ DorsifIxedlVersatile. Meaning of Alternative Thrms 1. BasiflXed. (Innate). , Mustard, Cassia, (Fig. 36). 2. Adnate. , Michelia, verbena (Fig. 36). 3. DorsiflXed. , Bauhinia variegata, Citrus, Pink (Fig. 36). 4. Versatile. , Grasses, Bottle brush, Eucalyptus (Fig.

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