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The episclera. The inner surface is covered by the lamina fusca of the choroid. 8 mm. 3 mm. Week spots in the sclera. As 3 mm medial to and slightly above the posterior pole, the sclera becomes sieve-like, lamina cribrosa, through the holes of which traverse the fibre of the optic nerve. At this weakest spot, excavation of the optic disc occurs typically in long-standing chronic simple glaucoma. A rte ria l su p p ly The sclera is almost avascular except for the vessels which pass through it.

To inferior rectus; 30, inferior division of oculomotor nerve; 31, sympathetic root (Pauchet and Dupret). Dorsal aspect Fig. 9 Topographic organization within the oculomotor nucleus. 1 , viseeral nucleus; 2 , inferior rectus; 3, medial rectus; 4, inferior oblique; 5, superior rectus; 6, levator palpebrae superioris. L = left; R = right; CCN = caudal central nucleus; D = dorsal nucleus; VN = ventral nucleus; IC = intermediate nucleus; IV = trochlear nucleus (Warwick). Fig. 10 Distribution of the oculomotor nerve.

Each wall forms an angle of about 45° with the median Optic foramen, transmitting optic nerve and ophthalmic artery . Frontal bone Anterior ethmoidal foramen for anterior ethmoidal vessels and nerve Superior orbital fissure transmitting: Lacrimal nerve Frontal nerve 4th or trochlear nerve 3rd or oculomotor nerve Nasociliary nerve 6th or abducent nerve Superior and inferior ophthalmic veins Inferior orbital fissure; Zygomatic bone Orbital index. It is the ratio of the height to the width x 100. There are three types o f orbital index: Orbital plate of ethmoid (Lamina papyracea) - Lacrimal bone • Nasolacrimal canal Posterior ethmoidal foramen for posterior ethmoidal v essels and nerve ** Foram en rotundum for maxillary nerve * ; Maxilla Infraorbital foramen and canal for infraorbital v essels and nerve Fig.

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