Access to History. Crisis in the Middle East: Israel and the by Michael Scott-Baumann

By Michael Scott-Baumann

This publication explores and analyzes the heritage of clash within the center East from British rule within the early 20th century to the Iraq struggle within the twenty-first century. The Arab-Israeli clash is the main target of this ebook however it additionally examines: Arab nationalism, particularly in Egypt and Syria; the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979; the factors and effects of 3 wars regarding Iraq; the expansion of political Islam and Islamic fundamentalism within the heart East.

Throughout the booklet, key dates, phrases and matters are highlighted, and old interpretations of key debates are defined. precis diagrams are integrated to consolidate wisdom and knowing of the interval, and exam-style questions and information written through examiners give you the chance to strengthen examination talents.

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But they built up the army to about 65,000 by July and had nearly 100,000 in arms by December 1948. The total number of Arab troops involved in the fighting was similar at the start and was also built up during the war but not as fast as that of the Israelis. With regard to weaponry, the Israelis were poorly equipped at the start but, particularly during the first truce in June–July 1948, they gained access to much more equipment from Europe and thus were better armed for the rest of the war. In short, the stronger side won.

A UN emergency force was sent to the Canal. 44 | Crisis in the Middle East: Israel and the Arab States 1945–2007 Winners and losers in the Suez War Nasser: hero of the Arab world Nasser, the Egyptian leader, became the hero of the Arab world. He had stood up to Britain and France, who had dominated the Middle East for so long. He had gained complete control of the Suez Canal and of a large quantity of British military stores. With US aid the Canal was cleared and reopened in April 1957. Although Egypt lost territory when the Israelis captured Sinai, the Israelis were persuaded, by the Americans, to withdraw early in 1957.

Summary diagram: The Six-Day War and its results Israel gained and occupied Arab lands Israeli victory in six days • Israel destroyed air forces of Egypt, Jordan and Syria • Sinai and Gaza from Egypt • Golan Heights from Syria • east Jerusalem and West Bank from Jordan • built Jewish settlements in these occupied territories Six-Day War and its results United Nations Resolution 242 called for: • Israeli withdrawal from occupied lands • Arab recognition of Israel 54 | Crisis in the Middle East: Israel and the Arab States 1945–2007 5 | From War to Peace: Yom Kippur to Camp David 1973–8 Why did Egypt and Syria attack Israel in 1973?

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