Adamu: Luciferian Tantra and Sex Magick by Michael W. Ford

By Michael W. Ford

ADAMU is a grimoire of Luciferian Tantra. This course is of the exploration of the darkish recesses of the brain and Spirit, reworking the self right into a vessel of Divinity, the Daemonic itself. present in ADAMU are beginning rituals and conception of Luciferian intercourse Magick, the Forbidden artwork of reworking attention and physique right into a Temple of the opposed Spirit, being Samael and Lilith, to begin the self and develop into part of the divine via awakening the logo of Cain, the 1st Satanist. ADAMU outlines perform which defines the how the Luciferian intercourse Magick direction is a sucessful approach to initiation which in simple terms strengthens and awakens cognizance. Vampiric (spiritual) intercourse Magick and historical Buddhism/Bon Po, together with workings and outlines of Kali and her a number of mythological guises. Adamu gains various discipline-building excercises in an effort to set the focal point for severe initiatory perform.

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The mystery is revealed that Lilith is within, the very Red matter of ash formed to divinity. Ahriman is the Beast of the Masculine, that which creates and expands it’s will, Sexual Magick should be a tool of discovering these aspects and grasping them to manifest your will and become that which you seek. In this level of initation, the initiate should restrict sexual activity for a self46 determined period, use daily mediation and explore that which drives you sexually, and why. Beginning Focus: -Mental/Physical control – Ahrimanic Yoga.

These demons spawned other children, Az – Lilith devoured some of them later on, which increased her vitality and power. Lilith is thus the First Vampire, the enfleshed anthropomorphic form of Tiamat/Azhdeha, the Dragon Stars. A practice of this Creation rite may be done accordinglyIn the circle, create two sigils, one masculine and feminine. Prepare and invocation to AZ-Jeh, the great whore who awakens your minds’ eye. 58 Dedicate yourself to HER name that you shall become through HER. Stimulate yourself by the imagined formation of a male and female Daeva/Druj, at Climax anointing the Sigils with the fluid.

Vira – the second level of initiation, where one is able to control the beast within the mind and body, but is able to begin practice of sexual magick but with willful control and self – discipline. At least three first workings should be Karezza and holding the body back from Orgasm. This is understandably very difficult and will cause mental and physical pain, but with the display of self-discipline, the mind and body will strengthen and focus under this intense test of Will. Begin to form the beasts and shadows which shall act out your magick, to command your sorcery and begin opening your body as a Temple to Ahriman/Typhon.

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