Additive Migration from Plastics Into Food by T. R. Crompton

By T. R. Crompton

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Ii) n-Heptane Reagent grade, freshly redistilled before use, using only material boiling at 208 F. iii) Alcohol 8 or 50 percent (by volume), prepared from undenatured 95 percent ethyl alcohol diluted with demineralized (deionized) distilled water. iv) Chloroform Reagent grade, freshly redistilled before use or a grade having an established consistently low blank. Selection of test method Paper or paperboard ready for use in packaging shall be tested by use of the extraction cell described in "Official Methods of Analysis of the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists".

The B P F state that for a polymer to be considered safe for use in polymer formulations the summation of the values of Q for the various extractable components shall not exceed 10. In the B P F extractability test each sq. cm. of polymer surface is contacted with 1 cc. e. E gm. polymer constituent is present in 4000 cc. extraction liquid. e. from 1 ppm or less, up to several thousand ppm. /wt. g. component extracted per 100 ml. 005 1*** * assuming that polymer has a density of unity and that the additives completely migrate from the polymer during the extraction test.

47 48 Additive Migration from Plastics into Food The determination of Uvitex OB illustrates an example of the application of ultraviolet spectroscopy to the determination of additives in foodstuff simulent extraction liquids. Figures 7(a) and 8 respectively show an ultraviolet spectrogram and a calibration graph which demonstrates that the optical brightener Uvitex OB (2,5 bis (6? tert-butyl benzo oxalyl (2) - thiophen) can be estimated in amounts down to 3ppm in these extractants by direct spectroscopy at its absorbtion maximum occurring at 378 nm.

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