An introduction to real and complex manifolds. by Giuliano Sorani

By Giuliano Sorani

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Then in [28, Theorem 3] we have proved that the set RD(z) contains at least two nondegenerated closed intervals, where RD(z) denotes the closure of the set PD(z) of the real projecions of the zeros of D(z). 4 (Mora et al. [28]) Let D(z) be an exponential polynomial of the form with frequencies linearly independent over the rationals. 2) j=1 respectively. Furthermore, ⎫ there exist ⎫x1 , x2 with aD(z) < x1 ≤ x2 < bD(z) such that the intervals aD(z) , x1 and x2 , bD(z) are both contained in RD(z) .

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