Anacalypsis Volume 1 by Godfrey Higgins

By Godfrey Higgins

Anacalypsis is the name of a long two-volume treatise written by way of non secular historian Godfrey Higgins in 1833. The ebook is densely written, in language that during locations seems to be cryptic. It has hidden layers of which means, it searches for the common beginnings of faith, and took twenty years to accomplish. This booklet is accessible at a fragment of the price of the Print model.

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Arabic. 1 Alef 2 Ba 3 Gim 4 Dal 200 Ra 300 Shin 90 Sad 400 Ta 70 Ain 80 Fa 20 Caf 30 Lam 40 Mim 50 Nun 6 Wau Hebrew . Aleph Beth Gimel Daleth Resh Shin Tzadi Tau Oin Pe Caph Lamed Mem Nun Van 5 Ha 10 Ya He Yod Alpha Beta . Gamma Delta . Ro . Sigma . . . Greek . . 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 100 . 200 Tau . . 300 Omicron . . 70 Pi 80 Kappa . . 20 Lambda . . 30 Mu or Mui . . 40 Nu or Nui . 50 F, formerl Vau, pronounced, then V, afterwardsDzoAxMA 6 Epsilon 5 Iota 10 Upsilon Irish . Ailim . Beth.

Greek . . 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 100 . 200 Tau . . 300 Omicron . . 70 Pi 80 Kappa . . 20 Lambda . . 30 Mu or Mui . . 40 Nu or Nui . 50 F, formerl Vau, pronounced, then V, afterwardsDzoAxMA 6 Epsilon 5 Iota 10 Upsilon Irish . Ailim . Beth. Gort . Duir. Ruis . Sail. Teine . Oir. Pieth-Bhog. COIL Luis . Main . Nuin. Fearn . Eadha. Jodha. Uath. 50 . The Shin, Shin, and Sigma, I have substituted for the Sin, Samech, and Xi, which are in the Bishop's table, and which is evidently a mistake, the Greek X .

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