Antigen-presenting cells and the eye by Manfred Zierhut, Hans-Georg Rammensee, Wayne Streilein

By Manfred Zierhut, Hans-Georg Rammensee, Wayne Streilein

Lately the significance of antigen-presenting cells and their impression at the eyes has been elucidated. we now have realized that just about each constitution of the attention harbors those cells, but they vary of their actions and hence within the ways that they safeguard opposed to - or perform - ailments of the attention. Antigen-Presenting Cells and the attention summarizes present wisdom approximately ACPs typically, and their function within the eye, particularly.

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The F4/80+ cell secretes IL-10 and TGFß. The MIP-2 recruits NKT cells to the same region of the spleen. The TCR on the NKT cell binds to CD1d on the F4/80 cell and the MZ B cell (dark green). The interaction of the NKT cell with CD1d on the APC induces the production of RANTES that recruits more F4/80 APC and CD8+ T cells to the region. The NKT cell also produces immunosuppressive cytokines, IL-10 and TGFß. Both the F4/80+ APC and the MZ B cell are capable of presenting the antigen (OVA) to the T cells in the cell cluster.

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