AppleScript (Developer Reference) by Mark Conway Munro

By Mark Conway Munro

Mark Munro brings transparent language and prepared association to the exposition of AppleScript. even though, this ebook is greater than a superb reference advisor to the AppleScript language, it's a passionate paean to automation and efficiency.

John Thorsen Jr.

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A script can automatically create preview images for the Web and high-resolution files for print. It can make “decisions” and vary the processing tasks based on a characteristic of the file, such as the file name, layer names, size, or page orientation. Individual files can be merged into a preview sheet or split into separate files. Any of these tasks can be automatically performed on a folder of 10 images or 10,000. PDF files can be manipulated with AppleScript to suit the needs of even the most complex workflow.

16 AppleScript: The Power of Automation E-mail processing On an automated e-mail account or a user’s computer, AppleScript can help manage a crowded inbox and assist in sending bulk e-mail: Scripts can scan, read, and take predetermined actions on incoming messages in many popular e-mail applications. They can also help you prepare, create, and customize messages to a batch of contacts. Scripts can detect, read, parse, and route data from a Web form to a database. On a user’s computer, this can be done with a mail rule that runs an AppleScript when Mail detects a web form email.

4 PHP $numLength = 5; $numStart = 25; $textResults = $numStart; //no coercion is necessary if ($numLength > 1) { for ($a = $numStart+1; $a <= ($numStart + $numLength); $a++) { $textResults = $textResults . “
\n”. $a; } } Certainly, the development time required to build a script always depends on the complexity of the tasks to be automated. However, AppleScript’s English-like language and automatic handling of many fundamental programming chores significantly reduce the time required to develop a solution.

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