Arab-Israeli War - The Albatross Of Decisive Victory by George W. Gawrych

By George W. Gawrych

In 1967, the Israeli safety Forces defeated the mixed armies of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in an insignificant six days. This extraordinary army accomplishment may, in spite of the fact that, have the final word influence of constructing an albatross round the neck of the Israeli military, as Israelis might now count on the following traditional struggle with the Arabs to accomplish related effects: a brief, decisive victory with fairly few casualties. even if Egyptian forces have been militarily not so good as these of Israel, President Anwar Sadat constructed a winning restricted battle process designed to use this unrealistic expectation.

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The book draws on the work of the Irish scholar Augustus Henry Keane. On Keane, see “Dr. A. H. Keane,” Nature 88 (February 8, 1912), 488. Keane’s work on race is important in this context given his views on Jewish and Arab racial qualities. ” Keane, The World’s Peoples, 328. 50 On Zaydan’s work on race and its use of Keane, see El Shakry, The Great Social Laboratory, 58–­60. 51 Troutt Powell highlights the writings of, among others, Muhammad at-­Tunisi, Selim Qapudan, Rifaʿa Rafiʿ at-­Tahtawi, ʿAli Mubarak, Yaʿqub Sanuʿa, and ʿAbdallah Nadim.

Ben-­Bassat, “Beyond National Historiographies,” 112. While my study focuses on texts found in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel, I have learned much from several recent scholars who have begun mining the Ottoman archives for Ottoman-­Turkish language materials concerning the Arab-­Zionist encounter. ” 14 The Turkish word millet comes from the Arabic millah, a Qurʾanic term of Aramaic origin. The term, according to Bernard Lewis, originally meant “a word” and came to represent a group that accepts a particular word or revealed book.

See Cleveland, A History of the Modern Middle East, 91. Benny Morris renders the year of the transformation of Jerusalem into an independent mutasarriflik as 1887. Morris, Righteous Victims, 7. 6 As of the Ottoman reforms of 1864, the empire was divided into a number of different levels of administrative units. The first level was that of the vilayet, or province, which was ruled by a governor (vali). Vilayets were divided in turn into a number of sanjaks, or districts, which were themselves composed of subdistricts that were governed by kaymakams (subgovernors).

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