At All Costs by John Gilstrap Grand Central Publishing (October 1, 1999)

By John Gilstrap Grand Central Publishing (October 1, 1999)

Jake and Carolyn Donovan stand accused of massacring sixteen humans and touching off one of many country's worst environmental catastrophes. even supposing blameless, they're at the FBI's Ten such a lot sought after record. in addition to their younger son, they've got eluded catch for thirteen years, yet are eventually compelled to prevent working and struggle for his or her freedom--and their lives. From the bestselling writer of "Nathan's Run."

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For all he knew, both had burned up or been stolen. In the context of a plan governed by ifs, he'd been able to justify these lapses, rationalizing that he could always catch up. Now, though, the ifs had blossomed into whens, and the weaknesses of their plan were startlingly clear. By rights, the feds should have nailed him already. But for a random act of inattention by some midlevel clerk on the other end of a modem, they'd have identified Jake for who he was an hour ago. How pitifully ironic.

Dr. Whittaker's on line one for you. ' Jake made a show of grimacing. "Already? " She laughed. "Surely, you don't think this is the first time he's called this morning. " Two weeks ago the good doctor had run his Mercedes into a concrete drainage ditch at better than thirty-five miles an hour, busting everything forward of the fire wall. Now he was furious that his car wasn't ready yet. He was a cardiologist, don't you know--way too important to be without his preferred transportation. Jake reached for the blinking extension, but movement outside drew his attention to the front windows.

Without even thinking, Lucas launched forward in his chair and bounced a dead paper clip off the polished desktop, causing Sherwood to dodge the ricochet. He knew that shouting was a mistake, but the genie was out of the bottle now. "He didn't draw a gun on you! He drew a gun on a bunch of strangers with automatic weapons! You said yourself that he never even brought it to bear, for Christ's sake! " Rivers shook her head. " Her elbows were planted on the upholstered arms of the guest chair. As she spoke, she steepled her fingers and studied them.

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