Basic Transistors by Alexander Schure

By Alexander Schure

Simple Transistors

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J Process πj πk aπ jπ k xπ k T v1 v2 πk T aTπ j xπ j v1 a v1π j xπ j aTπ k xπ k x0 xπ j fπ k A xπ k xT x v1 a v2π k xπ k v2 Primary inputs r1 r2 Wastes and byproducts w1B f0A xv2 r1v1 x v1 r2 v2 x v2 w1B ,π j xπ j w1B ,π k xπ k w1B ,T xT w1B , v1 x v1 w1B ,v2 x v 2 Table 6. Balance table for the supply chain stage in Figure 8. As previously explained, the main output of process T is represented by the total distance covered by transportation means to deliver products from origins to destinations.

V. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, ISSN:0167-9236 3 Managing Logistics Flows Through Enterprise Input-Output Models V. Albino1, A. Messeni Petruzzelli1 and O. G. Okogbaa2 1DIMeG, 2DIMSE, Politecnico di Bari, Bari, University of South Florida, 1Italy 2USA 1. Introduction Nowadays, the management of logistics flows is becoming a crucial activity for competitiveness. In fact, globalization is changing the way in which companies organise their production and distribution activities, considerably increasing the spatial complexity of supply chains (see also Choi & Hong, 2002; Stephen, 2004).

Balance table for the supply chain stage in Figure 7. Also in this case, logistics flows can be modelled using a disaggregate approach, distinguishing different transportation inputs, according to the origin-destination materials flow. The proposed EIO models can be adopted to analyse the logistics flows of a supply chain stage located in a specific geographical area. Therefore, we can consider a set of production processes belonging to ΠG ∩ Πsc. 44 Supply Chain, The Way to Flat Organisation However, these models are not able to make distinction about primary inputs, wastes, byproducts, and outputs transportation.

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