Be Your Own Doctor with Foot Reflexology by Dr D R Gala / Dr. Dhiren Gala / Dr Sanja

By Dr D R Gala / Dr. Dhiren Gala / Dr Sanja

'Foot Reflexology' is a 'pressure treatment' within which particular issues at the toes are methodically pressed to stimulate inner organs. In case of affliction in any organ, its linked aspect at the foot turns into smooth (painful on pressure). urgent this element systematically over a number of days will treatment the disease of the linked organ. certainly, this is often an quintessential booklet of laymen and therapists alike to avoid and therapy ailments.

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Since regular x-rays cannot see a disk, the MRI or CT scans are necessary to reveal any disk problems. In some instances the EMG (electromyography) is also of great value, as this will show the nerves and muscles also. Ironically, it is not unusual to find that people with no pain show massive herniation, while others with pain show no disk problems at all. This demonstrates the complexities of spinal pain. Heat treatment gives good long-term results for chronic back pain. A nonsurgical procedure called Intradiscal Electrothermal therapy (IDET) provides lasting improvements for patients with chronic-disc related back pain that do not respond to conventional back treatments reports the journal Spine.

They have been tested exhaustively by the careful experimentation on, and observation of, hundreds of persons. Now, thousands of men and women have benefited by the marvelous stimulus of these Spine Motion Exercises. You may see and feel the results of spinal elongation and torque in a few weeks, often even in a few days. Even family and friends will notice the big difference almost as soon as you feel the effects yourself. Remember how, as a boy or girl, it was only parental rules for rest, naps or bedtime that could cause you to cease activities and relax?

For the first week or so, do the exercises slowly: feel your way, stopping short of the point of pain or fatigue. You will find this point extending day by day, as nervous energy is released and muscles strengthen. When you first start limbering up the back, you may have some muscle soreness, but don’t stop exercising. After a few days of continuous daily periods of exercise, the muscle soreness will disappear. Soon, you will find great satisfaction in doing these spinal exercises and the beneficial effects will amaze you.

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