Beautiful Braids by Mary Beth Janssen-Fleischman

By Mary Beth Janssen-Fleischman

В книге представлен огромный выбор причёсок с длинными волосами, преимущественно косы. Подробные поэтапные инструкции помогут выполнить понравившуюся причёску.

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SAFE BENDING WHILE SITTING 31 SON 9 REPETITIVE STRESS INJURY: ECK, SHOULDERS, AND BACK T ~ his lesson offers an easy and fast way to relieve yourself from the stress that accumulates in your neck while sitting for prolonged periods of time. Overuse syndrome in the wrists and fingers comes from too much friction on the tendons in those areas. When we work with our hands, there must be a response, like an echo of the movement, through our shoulders and into our trunk. If the shoulders and neck are stiff and this response to the movement of our hands can not occur, the only place left for motion to take place is in the hands and wrists alone.

Some people have been caught smiling while doing these movements. It's possible. Observe where you prefer to inhale and exhale. 8. Cross your arms again as in step 1. Let your elbows hang down and slowly raise them as you turn to the left so that you find yourself pointing up to your left side. Then bring your elbows down to your chest as you return to the center. Raise them up to the right as you turn to the right. Your elbows will be making a large arc reaching up at the sides and down at the middle.

Rest if you need to. 7. Roll your pelvis to twelve o'clock and explore the hours between nine and twelve. What does your head do as you explore these hours? Which is easier: twelve to nine, or twelve to three? Return to the middle of your clock and rest. Notice any changes in sensation. 16 SITTING IN A CHAIR AT YOUR OFFICE OR HOME tt'Awareness Advice: Make sure you are breathing easily while you are concentrating on the movement of the dock. Let your face and mouth be relaxed. 8. Roll your pelvis to six 0' clock and explore the hours between nine and six.

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