Beyond the Alamo: Forging Mexican Ethnicity in San Antonio, by Raúl A. Ramos

By Raúl A. Ramos

Introducing a brand new version for the transnational background of the us, Raul Ramos areas Mexican american citizens on the heart of the Texas production tale. He specializes in Mexican-Texan, or Tejano, society in a interval of political transition starting with the yr of Mexican independence. Ramos explores the standards that assisted in shaping the ethnic id of the Tejano inhabitants, together with cross-cultural contacts among Bexarenos, indigenous teams, and Anglo-Americans, as they negotiated the contingencies and pressures at the frontier of competing empires.

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On December 19, Salcedo’s appointed examiner declared his findings inconclusive. 15 Speaking to the “Loyal Inhabitants of the Province of Texas,” Salcedo urged Bexareños to “prepare with me to build an opposiMaking Mexico 33 tion to that band of infidels, expatriate sons and cowardly soldiers led down a cliff by a criminal caudillo,” and to turn in people suspected of spreading the insurrection in town. While Salcedo’s response might not have been directly related to the recent investigation of Pereyra’s ranch hands, his comments addressed tensions he must have noticed among Bexareños.

This [agriculture] is, Sir, the most common occupation of the inhabitants of these vast and rich provinces. Agriculture has in general formed their character,” began Arizpe’s comments on the “quality” of the region’s colonists, “and as they have been employed day and night in the honest and systematic cultivation of the soil, from which alone they derive their sustenance, they are truly inflexible to intrigue, virtuously steadfast, haters of tyranny and disorder, justly devoted to true liberty, and naturally the most inclined toward all the moral and political virtues.

The executions of Salcedo and Herrera raised suspicions among the Anglo-American soldiers of the occupying force. The actions of Gutiérrez in the early days of the invasion also discouraged their support of the rebellion. Soon after the capture of Béxar, Gutiérrez wrote a declaration of independence and a constitution for the new republic. While the decla40 Three Worlds in 1821 ration echoed many of the concepts introduced to Gutiérrez by his AngloAmerican advisors, two aspects of the constitution made his American supporters especially nervous.

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