Big Fat Lies: The Truth About Your Weight and Your Health by Glenn A. Gaesser

By Glenn A. Gaesser

Fats may be fitl this can be the 1st paperback version of huge fats LIES which used to be released in hardcover by means of Fawcett Columbine in 1996 and has been unavailable for numerous years. here is facts that folks could be obese and nonetheless be healthy and fit. Gaesser, an workout physiologist, offers medical proof that there are advantages to physique fats. optimum overall healthiness and health are the result of gentle day-by-day workout and a posh - carbohydrate dieting that goals for a regular of 20 percentage fats. Authoritative, clearly-written, and an important studying for an individual who desires to take concrete steps in the direction of bettering their wellbeing and fitness, it doesn't matter what their measurement. "A thorough and compelling synthesis of the clinical literature that demanding situations the typical ideals that "thin is better" and "weight loss improves health".

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I was that student; little did I know then that I would one day write BIG FAT LIES: The Truth About Your Weight and Your Health. For me, the turnabout on the obesity/health issue stemmed from two things. For one, the health and vigor of many heavier-than-average men and women I encountered over the years—some in the laboratory, some in my clinical experience—seemed to defy the dire warnings I had conveyed in my graduation speech. To those who provided living proof of this book’s thesis, and gave me their time and told me their stories, I am deeply indebted.

Nearly 80 percent of the eighteen-year-old girls in one survey expressed dissatisfaction with their bodies. In addition, “getting fat” is cited by a considerable percentage of teenagers and young adults—mainly female—as being their greatest fear. In a poll of one thousand women between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, which ran in the February 1994 issue of Esquire, 54 percent stated that they would rather be run over by a truck than be extremely fat. Two-thirds said they would rather be mean or stupid than fat.

For most dieters the obsession is cyclical in nature: the average dieter spends roughly six months of every year actively trying to lose weight—and, as is frequently the case, the other six months gaining most if not all, or more, of the weight back. For women in particular, the obsession can be almost ceaseless: In one survey, nearly one-third of the women between the ages of nineteen and thirty-nine admitted to dieting at least once a month, while 16 percent consider themselves perpetual dieters.

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