Billionaire Blend by Cleo Coyle

By Cleo Coyle

Landmark coffeehouse supervisor Clare Cosi has served her percentage of latest York's wealthy and well-known, yet even she is stunned by means of her explosive creation to a mysterious web billionaire... whilst a automobile bomb approximately kills tech whiz Eric Thorner, Clare involves his reduction and gets a important thanks. not just does the billionaire purchase her a barista's dream coffee computing device, he hires her for a rare venture: growing the world's most costly espresso mix. The police speedy arrest Eric's alleged attacker, but dying maintains to enclose the unfortunate tycoon, prime Clare to question no matter if a deadly fall and one other deadly mishap are premeditated murders or purely freak injuries. Clare's boyfriend, NYPD detective Mike Quinn, has a conception of his own'one Clare refuses to think. in the meantime, Eric jets Clare all over the world on a head-spinning look for some of the best espresso, and Clare will get to grasp his world'a enchanting circle of cash with rivalries which could simply have became lethal. yet is that this captivating younger CEO actually marked for termination? Or is he the only creating a killing? Includes a wealth of scrumptious recipes!

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I looked out at the misty rain. Didn't mind a bit. "It's my day ofl' I said. " He perched his bottom on the edge of the desk'. " "Fine," I said. " I made a face. " "Don't be. " "So I've noticed," I said dryly. He grinned. "Everyone lives on a precipice. All the time. " He looked out-of the window. "It was a terrible shock at first. Terrible. , we seem to have accepted it. All of us. … ' "How long will she live? No one knows. It varies so much, apparently. She's had it, they think, for about three years now.

We munched companionably. ," I turned my head. Big blond man with very pale skin. Pair of clumsy crutches. Large plaster cast. Acey Jones. Not so noisy today. Drinking beer very quietly in a far corner with a nondescript friend. "He fell down some steps and broke his ankle and collected a thousand pounds from an insurance policy," I said. "Golly," said the boy. " "Uncle has something to do with insurance. " I suggested. " "He talks about Lloyd's, sometimes. " He nodded and looked wistfully at the sandwiches.

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