Bio-Identical Hormones and Telomerase: The Nobel by Dr. Edmund Chein

By Dr. Edmund Chein

As we get older, many folks event an important volume of frustration simply because anything within us does not paintings how it used to. foodstuff specialists let us know to consume sure different types of meals . . . a few declare unfastened radicals are the only explanation for getting older, and that the one approach to toughness is thru antioxidant vitamins. health authorities let us know the one resolution is workout. once we do workout or cross on a nutrition, we suppose a bit better-but no longer a lot, and never the way in which we felt after we have been more youthful. We workout or nutrition two times as a lot to stick on the related position, or even that could be a problem. the tale has been a similar all through background, so we ponder whether we must always proceed to struggle the conflict, or if we should always simply discover ways to become old gracefully. advancements in scientific know-how and new wisdom approximately workout, nutrients, and relaxation are all a part of the answer to closing younger and fit. notwithstanding, we proceed to determine a few those who don't take fairly excellent care of themselves, but are getting older extra gently-and we all know instinctively that elements of the anti-aging puzzle needs to nonetheless be lacking.

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For example, a 20-year-old, because of illness or injury, could have a biological age somewhere in his or her 50s, and an active 50-year-old may test biologically in his or her mid-30s. DETERMINING BIOLOGICAL AGE With recent advances in research, we believe we can reverse many of the symptoms of aging. But before we can prove the possibility of life extension, we must first prove that a given therapy is reversing biological age. Currently, the only other way to determine the efficacy of any longevity or antiaging treatment regimen is to wait 50 to 100 years and then evaluate the results retrospectively.

Some of those suffering from impotence buy expensive “tonics” or go through stress-reduction counseling sessions. However, in some cases of impotence, the cause may be a condition called High Prolactin Disorder, which results from a tumor on the pituitary gland in the brain. The tumor produces an excess amount of a hormone called prolactin, which in women normally urges the mammary gland to produce milk. If it is secreted in excess in men, it will suppress male hormones and cause impotence. This tumor is rather difficult to detect at first.

The power of HGH in strengthening the immune system goes beyond even these dynamic benefits. HGH also has an amazing effect on one very small but very vital organ in our bodies. The thymus gland, located behind the breastbone, is a primary organ of the immune system. The thymus is important in the production of T-cells that defend the body against viruses and reject foreign tissue. But for some reason, this important organ begins shrinking at about age 12, and by age 60 or 70 has all but disappeared.

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