Biomining by Douglas E. Rawlings, D. Barrie Johnson

By Douglas E. Rawlings, D. Barrie Johnson

Biomining is the biotechnology that makes use of microorganisms to get better metals, specifically copper and gold, from ores and concentrates. Having built from an easy operational (in phrases of either engineering and biology) procedure, biomining has built right into a multifaceted expertise, to the level that some of the biggest business stirred tanks and lots through the international are hired for bioprocessing minerals.

This publication has a powerful utilized strategy and describes rising and tested commercial tactics, in addition to the underlying idea of the method, and the biology of the microorganisms concerned. Chapters were written by way of group of workers from best biomining businesses, specialists and across the world well-known researchers and academics.

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1998). Since 2000, single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP; Chap. 12) has been used to investigate and compare the diversity of the bacterial culture in different operating conditions. This includes at laboratory and industrial scales, in batch and continuous modes, and in air-lift reactors and mechanically agitated reactors (Battaglia-Brunet et al. 2002; d’Hugues et al. 2003; Foucher et al. 2003). The predominant organisms (five strains out of seven) were studied using 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing.

Van Aswegen, Jan van Niekerk, Waldemar Olivier The optimum reactor configuration for a biooxidation plant is related to the rate of sulfide mineral oxidation and the corresponding rate of bacterial growth achieved. The primary stage is the heart of the BIOX™ process and sufficient residence time must be allowed in the primary stage for a stable bacterial population to develop. If the residence time is too short, bacterial washout will occur and the rate of sulfide oxidation will decrease. Using the logistic equation, we can demonstrate that the optimum reactor configuration for most applications is three primary reactors operated in parallel followed by three secondary reactors in series as shown in Fig.

It is site-specific and also dependent on the prevailing gold price. 1 Capital Cost Breakdown The capital cost breakdown generated for a recent feasibility study of a potential BIOX™ project is used as an example. 5. The mechanical equipment supply cost is based on budget quotes obtained for all major equipment units and can be classified as a preliminary estimation with a target accuracy of −15 to +25%. The total capital cost estimate is an order of magnitude estimation and is based on cost data from previous cost studies.

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