British Moralists: 1650-1800 by D. D. Raphael

By D. D. Raphael

Volumes:1. Hobbes - homosexual; 2. Hume - Bentham, and Index.

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Neutrum autem minds of the better stamp: (1) that the punishments for vice seem to be uncertain, and that the rewards for virtue are not known with sufficient certainty to be adequate signs of natural obligation and of the will of the first cause; (2) that from this opinion the common good might seem to be ranked lower than, and subordinated to, the XXXVI. Having now ex- 116 pounded, as briefly as I could, the gist of my opinion about the essential character and the origin of natural obligation, I have thought it necessary to remove two doubts which might disturb horum vere in nostram sententiara objici posse ostendemus.

VI. Quod attinet ad nexum terminorum hujus propositionis in quo necessario ejus veritas consistit, is mihi videtur VI. As regards the connection between the terms of this proposition, constituting its necessary truth, that seems to me quite -85admodum evidens. Idem enim significat ac si diceretur. Ea volitio, seu prosecutio bonorum omnium in nostra potestate sitorum, quae maxime efficax est ad nostrum aliorumque rationalium fruitionem, maximum est quod homines efficere possunt, ut ipsi, aliique lis foelicissime perfruantur.

V-- ON THE LAW OF NATURE AND ITS OBLIGATION I. Having now prepared the way for all that follows, I shall 112 hoc auspicabimur a defmitione legis naturalis. Lex naturae est propositio a natura rerum ex voluntate begin this chapter with a definition of natural law. A law of nature is a proposition quite clearly presented to, or impressed upon, the mind by the nature of things from -93Primae Causae menti satis aperte oblata vel impressa, actionem indicans bono rationalium communi deservientem, quam si praestetur praemia, sin negligatur, poenae sufficientes ex natura rationalium sequuntur.

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