Building a Successful Palestinian State: Security by Robert E. Hunter, Seth G. Jones

By Robert E. Hunter, Seth G. Jones

An exam of thoughts to fulfill the exterior protection standards of a profitable, self sustaining Palestinian nation.

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5 Although some Europeans might prefer an external force to be led by the UN or even the European Union rather than by the United States or NATO, that is unrealistic for reasons presented above. NATO’s involvement would also have the virtue of helping to ratify its role beyond Europe, providing a focus for NATO activity in relationship to the Alliance’s 21st century agenda, demonstrating coherence and cooperation among allies on both sides of the Atlantic, and showing the American people that the Europeans were willing to assume shared military burdens.

Supervise Population Transfers. Finally, following the outbreak of the al-Aqsa intifada in September 2000, the IDF over time reoccupied almost every major city in the West Bank. As the Oslo Accords provided, Israel currently has responsibility for the security of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory. Consequently, a peace settlement that leads to the creation of a Palestinian state will mean that most—or all—Israeli forces will need to be withdrawn from Palestinian territory and redeployed elsewhere, as Israel has done with regard to Gaza.

The process of creating a Palestinian army, however, might broaden this list to include such weapons and platforms as artillery, tanks, helicopters, mortars, and anti-tank guided weapons. Weaponry and the capacity to use it pose two primary considerations. The first is what a Palestinian army might need for any realistic defensive purposes (essentially against third parties or—if internal security forces did not suffice—against externally mounted terrorism). The second is what weaponry and platforms the army would have that could be perceived by Israel, in particular, as both excessive to security requirements and potentially reducing Israel’s or another neighbor’s sense of security.

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