Caborn-Welborn: Constructing a New Society after the Angel by David Pollack

By David Pollack

Caborn-Welborn, a overdue Mississippian (A.D. 1400-1700) farming society based on the confluence of the Ohio and Wabash Rivers (in what's now southwestern Indiana, southeastern Illinois, and northwestern Kentucky), constructed following the cave in of the Angel chiefdom (A.D. 1000-1400). utilizing ceramic and cost info, David Pollack examines the ways that that new society reconstructed social, political, and fiscal relationships from the remnants of the Angel chiefdom. This ebook makes to be had for the 1st time specific, well-illustrated descriptions of Caborn-Welborn ceramics, identifies ceramic forms and attributes that mirror Caborn-Welborn interplay with Oneota tribal teams and significant Mississippi valley Mississippian teams, and provides an inner nearby chronology. in line with intraregional ameliorations in ceramic ornament, the kinds of vessels interred with the lifeless, and cemetery situation, Pollack means that as well as the previous Angel inhabitants, Caborn-Welborn society could have incorporated families that relocated to the Ohio/Wabash confluence from within sight collapsing polities, and that Caborn-Welborns sociopolitical association can be higher regarded as a riverine confederacy.

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Some of these decorative attributes also were placed on the interior surface of a rim or vessel. Whenever possible, these decorative attributes were used to assign specimens to previously de¤ned types. While most sherds could be assigned to a previously de¤ned type, several incised and trailed sherds could not be classi¤ed. ” Also, no attempt was made to assign the Oneota-like sherds to a previously de¤ned type. Because the source area of these ceramics or the people who made them has yet to be determined, it was felt that assigning them to a speci¤c type or to several types would imply that they were derived from a particular area.

Undoubtedly, some of the rims assigned to the shallow bowl category represent portions of plates lacking this distinctive well. Bell Plain plate rims range in ori¤ce diameter from 16 to 28 cm. Bottles Long-necked, hooded, wide-mouthed, and neckless bottles can be present in Caborn-Welborn collections. 5a–c) and hooded bottles tend to have narrower openings and to be smaller than wide-mouthed bottles.

This, coupled with the absence of burials or cemeteries at associated farmsteads, hamlets, and villages, suggests that Angel served as the primary burial locale for the whole chiefdom. The Angel polity appears to have been a nucleated, simple (two-tier) chiefdom (Hilgeman 1992; Schurr 1992). Nucleated simple chiefdoms are characterized by a concentration of population at a regional center (Blitz 1993a), with the remainder living at smaller nearby settlements. 1. d. 1400 Mississippian Regional Centers sands (Blitz 1993a; Earle 1991; Johnson and Earle 1987; Steponaitis 1978, 1991; Wright 1984).

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