Calories & Corsets: A History of Dieting Over 2,000 Years by Louise Foxcroft

By Louise Foxcroft

This is often an enlightening and enjoyable social historical past of ways we've got attempted (and failed) to conflict the bulge over millennia. at the present time we're prompt from either side to narrow down and form up, to shed a number of kilos or lose life-threatening stones. The media's relentless obsession with measurement should be perceived as a twenty-first-century phenomenon, yet as award-winning historian Louise Foxcroft indicates, we now have been being affected by what to consume, whilst and what sort of, ever because the Greeks and the Romans first pinched an inch. Meticulously researched, fantastic and occasionally stunning, "Calories and Corsets" tells the epic tale of our complex dating with foodstuff, the models and fads of physique form, and the way cultural ideals and social norms have replaced through the years. Combining examine from scientific journals, letters, articles and the eating regimen bestsellers we proceed to consume (including one by way of an octogenarian Italian within the 16th century), Foxcroft unearths the intense and infrequently absurd lengths humans will visit to be able to in achieving the suitable physique, from consuming carbolic cleaning soap to intentionally swallowing tapeworm. This detailed and witty heritage exposes the myths and anxieties that force today's multi-billion pound weight loss diet - and provides a welcome viewpoint on how we will be able to be fit and chuffed in bodies.

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