Cantico dei cantici by A cura di Giovanni Garbini

By A cura di Giovanni Garbini

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The Real History of the End of the World: Apocalyptic Predictions from Revelation and Nostradamus to Y2K and 2012

From the writer of the true heritage at the back of the Templars--the origins and tales at the back of end-of-the-world predictions all through historical past, from Revelations to 2012.

In unique and sharp prose, historian Sharan Newman explores theories of global destruction from precedent days as much as the current day- theories which show as a lot approximately human nature as they do in regards to the main ancient, clinical, and spiritual ideals of the time. Readers will locate solutions to the next end-of-times questions:

* Did the Mayans particularly say the realm will result in December 2012?
* How have the symptoms within the New testomony publication of Revelations been interpreted through the years?
* How did old Egyptians, Norse, and chinese language imagine the area could finish?
* whilst did Nostradamus expect that the final days might come?
* Does the I Ching reference 2012?
* Why didn't the realm lead to Y2K?
* Are meteors, worldwide warming, super-volcanoes, and the specter of nuclear battle indicators that the top is close to?

The Secrets of Doctor Taverner

Loss of life hounds, form shifters, and vampires are one of the sufferers handled by means of the Holmes-like Dr. Taverner and his assistant Dr. Rhodes during this paintings of supernatural fiction through acclaimed spiritualist and occult author Dion Fortune. First released in 1926, the adventures of Dr. Taverner and Dr. Rhodes take readers around the marshy moonlit fields of dusk, looking spirits and protecting watch over souls.

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Those records are layered with a wide range of perspectives and values that each in its way speaks from the past and often speaks eloquently through the niters of scribes, bureaucratic structures, time, and culture that separate us from them. And, of course, as Natalie Z. Davis has so carefully demonstrated in her book Fiction in the Archives, many of those voices were themselves telling artfully constructed tales of their own. But rather than retelling their tales, I have attempted to use the techniques of microhistory to craft their truths, half-truths, and evident lies into stories that reveal the underlying complexities of late-sixteenthcentury culture and values, shared (and at times not shared) from which their tales sprang and drew meaning.

Even language itself was marshaled against this. Accounts of Andriana's snaring of Dandolo stressed the fact that she was a common whore or public prostitute, in other words, a prostitute of the most base reputation. That unanimity in labeling Andriana, however, does not square well with the details of the case, nor obviously was it supported by the testimony of her family and remaining friends. As one might expect, Laura Savorgnan presented a different picture of her daughter. " Her reply was impressive: "They were Santo Contarini, Piso Pisani, Fillipo da Canal, the Count Scipio Avrogado, Paolo Robazzo—but it would take a much larger brain than mine to be able to remember them all.

An aristocratic and courtly environment with limited access to aristocratic and courtly women, so this thesis runs, engendered a higher caliber of prostitute—a woman who was not only young and beautiful, but who could grace with wit and charm a dinner or an evening otherwise dominated by male clerics. 28 Unfortunately, there is little information to prove or disprove such conjectures. What seems clear is that the style caught on quickly because it satisfied new social imperatives. In the increasingly aristocratic world of the Renaissance, upper-class males found in the courtesan, as they found in expanding interests in display and manners, yet another area of life where they could fashion themselves as a Renaissance elite.

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