Catastrophe Remembered: Palestine, Israel and the Internal by Nur Masalha

By Nur Masalha

The 1948 Palestine battle is understood to Israelis as "The struggle of Independence." yet for Palestinians, the battle is without end the Nakba, the "catastrophe."  This e-book makes a speciality of Palestinian inner refugees in Israel and internally displaced Palestinians around the eco-friendly Line. It makes use of oral background and interviews to check Palestinian id and reminiscence, indigenous rights, foreign defense, the "right of return," and a simply answer in Palestine/Israel.

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Rempel, furthermore, draws attention to the role of public participation in peacemaking, and the inclusion of international human rights principles and the recognition of refugee rights in successful peace agreements. Notes 1 One of the first to label it Nakba was Constantine Zurayk distinguished philosopher of Arab history and liberal intellectual, in his book Ma’na al-Nakba (The Meaning of the Disaster), a self-critical analysis of the socio-economic causes of the Arab defeat in 1948, written immediately after the 1948 war.

Acquiring the paradoxical title of present absentees, the internally displaced had their property and homes taken by the state, making them refugees and exiles within their own homeland. Most of them had been forced under military orders to leave their villages during the 1948–49 war; they had locked their doors, taken their keys and land deeds, and planned to return as soon as the Israel army allowed. 42 According to unjust laws passed to gain Arab land for the state, especially the Absentees’ Property Law of 1950, they are considered absentees because they left their original villages, regardless of the reason.

Righting of the wrongs 02_Masahla Intro 16 • 28/7/05 2:28 pm Page 16 Catastrophe Remembered inflicted in the Nakba, and redressing the evils inflicted on the Palestinians ever since, would allow, for the first time, both citizens and returnees to enjoy a normal and peaceful life on a democratic and equal basis in Palestine-Israel. Israeli historian Pappé elaborates on this point by calling for Israeli accountability for the Nakba. There can be no peace in the region until there is accountability, acknowledgement and acceptance of Israel’s role in the continuing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

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