Celts and the Classical World by David Rankin

By David Rankin

To watch the Celts during the eyes of the Greeks and Romans is the 1st target of this publication.

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The Celtic and Italic words for ‘king’, rix (modern Irish rí) and rex, have an equivalent in Indic raj. The use of this word in distantly separated parts of the IE domain might suggest that it is a surviving archaism, referring to the ancient sacral function of the king (Benveniste 1973:307). It may signify the ritual demarcation of sacral boundaries in a straight line: consider the Latin verb ‘rego’ and the Greek, ‘orego’, both of which carry the meaning of ‘stretching forth’. The name of the rex sacrorum, the Roman functionary with the residual duties of the priest-king in a 25 Origins, Languages and Associations city which gloried in its abolition of kings, may give some general support for this view.

He could not fail to be influenced by the continuing goodwill of the Massiliotes towards Pompey, dating from Pompey’s successful campaign against Sertorius in Spain in the seventies of the first century BC. In the event, Massilia hesitated to take sides in the civil war. 32). Caesar established a colony at Arles (Suet. ; Haarhoff 1920:9) which took much of Massilia’s trade, so the older city declined in prosperity during the Principate until in the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161–180 AD) the Massiliotes were forced to abandon their ancient constitution and alliance for the usual relationship between city-states and imperial Rome.

The divine factor in the girl’s choice would be assumed no matter on which of the assembled eligibles her choice fell. In the Greek world we encounter choice of bridegroom for the daughter from a list of supposedly suitable candidates, as in the famous sixth century BC courting party held by Cleisthenes of Sicyon for his daughter Agariste, in which Hippocleides of Athens, having been short-listed, danced away his chances, upside down and on a table, at the concluding symposium of the selection board (Hdt.

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