Chaotic Logic: Language, Thought, and Reality from the by Ben Goertzel

By Ben Goertzel

This ebook summarizes a community of interrelated principles which i've got built, on and off, during the last 8 or ten years. The underlying topic is the mental interaction of order and chaos. Or, to place it in a different way, the interaction of deduction and induction. i'm going to attempt to clarify the connection among logical, orderly, wide awake, rule-following cause and fluid, self­ organizing, habit-governed, subconscious, chaos-infused instinct. My past books, The constitution of Intelligence and The Evolving brain, in brief touched in this courting. yet those books have been basically interested by different concerns: SI with developing a proper language for discussing mentality and its mechanization, and EM with exploring the function of evolution in suggestion. They danced round the edges of the order/chaos challenge, with out ever totally stepping into it. My objective in penning this booklet was once to move on to the middle of psychological strategy, "where angels worry to tread" -- to take on all of the sticky concerns which it really is thought of prudent to prevent: the character of recognition, the relation among brain and fact, the justification of trust structures, the relationship among creativity and psychological illness,.... All of those matters are handled right here in an easy and unified means, utilizing a mix of recommendations from my prior paintings with rules from chaos concept and intricate platforms science.

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Are there perhaps mental processes which exist mainly to adjust the degrees of restriction imposed by other processes? This is a large question, and a complete resolution will have to wait till later. Part of the answer, however, will be found in the following section, in the concept of the dual network. 3. THE DUAL NETWORK Neither a structurally associative memory nor a multilevel control network can, in itself, lead to intelligence. What is necessary is to put the two together: to take a single set of entities/processes, and by drawing a single set of collections between them, structure them both according to structural associativity and according to multilevel control.

5. STRUCTURED TRANSFORMATION SYSTEMS To proceed further with my formal theory of intelligence, I must now introduce some slightly technical definitions.

The intensity of a process relative to a given entity, defined formally in the following section, is a measure of how much the process simplifies the entity -- how strongly the process is a pattern in the entity. It has to do with the ratio of the complexity of the process to the complexity of the entity. " It contains all the patterns in the entity, but it contains some more "intensely" than others. And, similarly, the emergence between two entities becomes a fuzzy set. The structural distance between two entities A and B may then be defined quite naturally as the total intensity of all the patterns that are either in A or not B, but in B or not A.

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