Chemical Ocular Burns: New Understanding and Treatments by Norbert Schrage, François Burgher, Jöel Blomet, Lucien

By Norbert Schrage, François Burgher, Jöel Blomet, Lucien Bodson, Max Gerard, Alan Hall, Patrice Josset, Laurence Mathieu, Harold Merle

More than 25,000 chemical items have the aptitude to reason ocular burns. simply because such burns can lead to lack of sight or the necessity for corneal transplantation, they need to be taken very heavily. This publication is the 1st to be dedicated completely to chemical ocular burns. All elements of the topic are coated, together with heritage, epidemiology, chemical brokers and reactions, histology, pathophysiology, scientific symptoms, scientific and surgical remedies, and emergency care. specific consciousness is paid to the mechanisms fascinated by ocular burns and to the hyperlinks among the chemical reactivity of corrosive brokers and the medical manifestations. present ideas of decontamination are absolutely defined and the newest remedy concepts are mentioned intimately. This e-book stands on the interface of the chemical and scientific sciences. it is going to be of significant functional worth to ophthalmologists and medical professionals in emergency clinical and burns devices, and should acquaint chemists with the medical results of corrosivity.

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