Claimed: The Pregnant Heiress: Claimed: The Pregnant Heiress by Day Leclaire, Catherine Mann

By Day Leclaire, Catherine Mann

"I'm having your baby."With these phrases, Emma worthy replaced Chase Larson's existence endlessly. Having been born at the incorrect aspect of the wedding mattress, the millionaire vowed no child of his will be so cruelly categorised. there has been only one factor that may continue him from making Emma his spouse: their feuding families.She'd by no means dreamed one evening with Chase may bind them ceaselessly. The pregnant heiress desperately desired to increase their baby jointly, yet provided that Chase may perhaps put out of your mind they have been enemies.…

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She’s shallow. Overindulged. ” Rafe hesitated. “A little lower profile than that. You don’t see her plastered across the scandal sheets. ” Chase turned and studied Emma once again while he considered this latest information. A private party girl. That fit with his experience, even though he hadn’t picked up on the cues when they’d been together. Nor had she come off as shallow. But considering they’d only spent one night together, what the hell did he know? More than anything he wanted to confront her, demand an explanation for her disappearing act.

She disconnected the call and dropped the BlackBerry on the table beside her tea and toast. She caught Chase’s undisguised amusement and lifted an eyebrow. ” He reached in his pocket and pulled out his BlackBerry. It was identical to her own. “I use the same ringtone, too,” he said. ” She buried her nose in the delicate cup, inhaling the mild aroma. Then she forced herself to look at Chase. “Why are you doing this? I mean, why am I here? ” He allowed his expression to say it all. ” She shook her head.

He meant to ask the question calmly, with the same stony cool attitude with which he’d learned to handle all of life’s crises. Unfortunately, somewhere between “you’re” and “pregnant” his voice had risen to a roar. She flinched. “I don’t know for certain. ” “You said…” He shot a hand through his hair, struggling to think straight. What the devil had she said? “You said second missed period. As in January, minus two equals November. We were together in November. ” she asked, an edge in her voice.

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